2007年3月22日(木) 研究会合 「21世紀アジアにおける国際協力とNGOの役割」'The Roles of International NGOs of the 21st Century in Asia'

場所:国士舘大学世田谷校舎 5号館2階大会議室
Venue : the First Meeting Room, Kokushikan University No. 5 Building, 2F

下澤 獄(国際協力NGOセンター・事務局長)「北のNGOと南のNGO 力の偏在について」
鈴鹿 光次(外務省 民間援助連携室 首席事務官)「ODAとNGO」
鍋屋 史朗(JICA・市民参加協力グループ長)「NGO─JICA連携の現状」
吉岡 健治(JHP・学校を作る会 理事)「現地での活動形態」
片山 信彦(ワールド・ビジョン・ジャパン・事務局長)「国際NGOの役割─パートナーシップのあり方をめぐって─」
<Speakers at the day: (order as in the program)>
Mr. Takashi Shimozawa (Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation (JANIC))
Mr. Mitsuji Suzuka (MOFA Non-Governmental Organizations Cooperation Division)
Mr. Shiro Nabeya (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Mr. Kenji Yoshizawa (Japan Team of Young Human Power (JHP))
Mr. Nobuyuki Katayama (World Vision Japan)

中山雅之(アジア・日本研究センター 研究員 国士舘大学21世紀アジア学部助教授)
Masayuki Nakayama (School of Asia 21, Asia-Japan Research Center, Kokushikan University)

The contribution-market in Japan, which had seen hint of its growth in the years of bubble economy, had been washed down like soaps; the enthusiasm for societal investment remained cool until beginning of 21st century when the CSR became widely recognized. So-called CSR boom in these years shows serious progress in the contribution-market in Japan, in both business and private sectors. With this trend, overlapping the growth period in the Japanese NGOs' life-cycle, it is expected that Japanese international cooperating NGO will take a significant part in the 21st century.

On the other hand, local NGOs in Asian countries begin to advocate self-management, which prospects shifts in cooperating style between Japanese and local NGOs. We have, therefore, organized this workshop with "partnership" as the keyword. In the workshop, we would like to give a profound consideration in the roles of Japan's international cooperating NGOs at 21st century with an the eye on tie between Japan's NGO and local NGO, as well as enterprises, governments, and NPOs.


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