日時:2009年10月2日(金) 15:00~17:00
場所:多摩校舎 教室研究B棟 4階 第1ゼミ室
講師:小石原 美保(本学体育学部 非常勤講師)
実業之日本社(1996)あるいは 集英社文庫(2002)

Date  October 2nd, 2009 FRI 15:00~17:00
Venue  #1 Seminar Room, Teaching and Researching Building B 4F, Tama Campus
Theme  Sports and Nationalism in the history of football cultural exchange between Japan and Korea: Reading "The legend of a kick-off between Japan and Korea ---The long distance to the Japan-Korea World cup " by Hiroshi Ohshima.
Lecturer  Miho Koishihara (Lecturer, Faculty of Physical Education)
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