<お知らせInformation>2011年2月19日(土)AJセンター設立10周年記念事業企画 報告・発表会「工学教育のアジアでの取り組み- 豊かさを求めて!!工学教育の方向について -」 The 10th Anniversary Project-Report and Presentation 'Approach of Engineering Education in Asia - Seeking the Wealth! ! Direction of Engineering Education'

日時:2011年2月19日(土) 15:00~
講師:原田 豊(国士舘大学理工学部教授)

Date  February 19th, 2011 SAT 15:00~
Venue  Kokushikan University, Setagaya Campus, Building 34, A-410 Room
Lecturer  Yutaka Harada (Professor, School of Science and Engineering, Kokushikan University)

Asia covers 60% of whole population, and its economic activities influence the world with great impact. Asia is now putting hands on the mass-production as well as mass-comsumption that used to blong to the advanced countries; recognizing risks from the current situation, we would like to consider the approach of engineering education.