About Asia-Japan Research Center

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Asia-Japan Research Center is a research institute that investigates a wide range of socio- cultural phenomena regarding Asia. Center activities include Forums, developing workshops and symposiums that encourage development of research atmosphere and open exchanges between researchers who specialize in Asian Studies.

Affiliates will present the fruit of their intellectual labor in homepage, periodical, and publication formats. As a promoter of international academic-interactions and policy-making on regional and international scales, the Center aspires to generate a unique environment for the better-understanding of, and contribution to, the communities of Asian intellectuals and citizens.


Having the rapid flow of global economy as a background, the relationship between Japan and other Asian nations became more intimate. Cross-bordering construction of regional communities and the development of security network have also become urgent agenda. Systematically understanding the dynamism of Asia’s regional transition, and coordinating environments in which human resources who can contribute to the new global community are nurtured, continue to be an important issue for many Japanese universities.

Asia-Japan Research Center was established on Oct. 2000, as a university-wide research center to contribute 21st Century Asia and Japan. From April 2004, the Center have adapted research-project system, we promote various activities, with a penetrating theme "Cultural Public Sphere in Asia". Please refer to the below for the activities.

Research Activities

< Joint Research Project >
A group research project in which members of AJRC will team up with affiliates, and carry out investigations on the subjects of Asian studies at various levels. Highly acknowledged projects will be published. Every year, the selected projects are engaged various activities. Some of the previous projects are: The Prospect of Cultural Public Sphere in Asia, Cross-Bordered Popular Culture and "Fantasized Asia", The Roles of International NGOs of the 21st Century in Asia, Clerisy in Kyrgyzstan, Hospitality Reconsidered: A Cultural Perspective, Sport Nationalism in East Asia, Oversea Japanese Teaching Internship, Currency and Financial System and their Policies in East Asian Nations

Academic Exchanges

< AJ Forum >
Asia-Japan Research Center hosts a series of research forums called "AJ Forum", inviting researchers from around the world who are involved in various fields of Asian studies to participate in academic exchange. The Center welcomes not only researchers, but also students and members of the general public, to attend its Forum lectures and activities. The past lecturers have included: Kenichi Miyamoto (Guest Professor, College of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University), Shunya Yoshimi (Director, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, the University of Tokyo), Mo Bang-fu (Journalist), John Hurd (ICOMOS Advisory Committee President), Kosaku Maeda (Director General, Japan Institute for the Studies of Cultures of Afghanistan), and Nu Mra Zan (Deputy Director-General, Department of the Archaeology, National Museum and Library, Ministry of Culture, Union of Myanmar).

< Study Groups >
The center hosts study group meetings several times a year. They are designed to encourage scholarly interaction across disciplines within the university.

< Workshop >
Workshops, held several times a year, invite scholars from across the world to discuss and debate a particular topic.

< Symposium >
Presenters give lectures and panelists participate in discussions at symposiums, thereby exchanging a variety of views. The Center holds its symposiums once or twice every year. Some of the previous symposium topics include:

  • Re-formulating the Notion of Eurasia: A New Approach to Globalism, Regional Co-operations, and Future States (2000)
  • Toward Sustainable Cities: The Memory and Future of Asian Cities (2005)
  • Relationship between Human-beings and Nature: About Food (2009)
  • Hallyu Reconsidered: The Age of Transnational Cultural Exchange in Asia (2009)
  • Asia and Happiness (2010)
  • Asia and Martial Arts (2011)
  • The View of the Ancient Orient from the Standpoint of Phoenician Archaeology (2011)

Social Contribution

Outcomes of research activities and academic exchanges are published in the annual AJ Journal. Some of the research project teams have also published books and reports. The complete list of publications is available at:
The Center also preserves some historical documents and photographs in our digital archives at:
In order to contribute to the local community, the center plays an active role in the “Setagaya Shimin Daigaku (Setagaya Citizens’ University),” an educational program sponsored by Setagaya-ward. The center offers a series of activities focusing on Asian societies and cultures entitled “Let’s Learn about Asia” for the program every year.


From 2008, we invite and accept post-doctoral fellows.

In 2011, one specific project of the Center was to salvage documents and papers that had been damaged in the Great East Japan Earthquake.