2017年度末に発行したAJ Journal 13 論説・研究ノート・書評のPDFを公開いたしました。

The article, research notes and review from AJ Jounal have been published on our website.

Please visit the link below to see the contents. Thank you.

宮田 純
イリヤ アルトマン/後藤 貴浩/松宮 智生、藤山 新/土佐 昌樹
Mohammad Moinuddin



Jun Miyata

<Research Note>

Ilya Altman/Takahiro Goto/Tomoki Matsumiya,Shin Fujiyama/Masaki Tosa

Mohammad Moinuddin

The English summary(PDF)of AJ Forum 28 'Envisioning Immigration Policy for Japan in the Age of Massive Depopulation' (held on 23rd, November, 2017) has become available on our website.

Please visit the link below to see the PDF.

日時:2018年1月30日(火) 15:00~16:30
場所:町田キャンパス 30号館 2階 30201教室
講師:クルカルニ・マンダル・ヴィジャイ (インド、International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore(I I IT-B)講師)

Date:30th, January, 2018, TUE 15:00~16:30
Venue:Machida Campus, 30th Building, 2F, 30201 Classrooom
Lecturer:Kulkarni Mandar Vijay (Adjunct faculty at International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B), India)

場所:世田谷キャンパス 34号館 3階 会議室B
講師:田中 敏行(経営学部 教授)

Date:20th, January, 2018, SAT 15:30~17:00
Venue:Setagaya Campus, 34th Building, 3F, Conference Room B
Lecturer:Toshiyuki Tanaka (Professor of Faculty of Business)