日時:2016年6月18日(土)  香道開始13:00(着物を着付ける為、集合は11:00)
場所:町田キャンパス 30号館 2階 茶道実習室
対象:国士舘大学 外国人留学生

Date : 18st, June, 2016, SAT,  13:00~Traditional Incense-smelling Ceremony (Meet at 11:00 to wear Kimono)
Venue: Machida Campus, 30th Building, 2F, Tea Ceremony Room
Only For Foreign Students at Kokushikan University

場所:世田谷キャンパス 多目的ホール
解説・演奏:松元 宏樹(箏 作曲家・演奏家)

Date: TUE (holiday), 3rd November 2015, 13:00~15:00
Venue: Setagaya Campus, Multi-purpose Hall
Lecture and Performance: Hiroki Matsumoto (Koto composer & player)


Date: TUE (holiday), 3rd November 2015, 11:00~17:00
Venue: Setagaya Campus, 34th Building, 2F Conference Room A

場所:町田キャンパス 12号館 1階 学生休憩室
講師:M・ジャクファル・イドルス(政治学研究科 博士課程)

Date: SAT, 17th to SUN, 18th October 2015, 13:00~16:00
Venue: Machida Campus, 12th Building, 1F, Student Lounge
Lecturer:M. Jakfar Idrus (Ph.D.Course, Graduated School of Political Science)

日時:2014年11月3日(月・祝) 11:00~16:30

Date 3rd, November, 2014, MON  11:00~16:30
Venue Setagaya Campus, 34th Building, A305 Classroom